Under the new statute, Faculties and Departments have been merged into autonomous structures called University Schools or SARRF , which are responsible for Research and Training. They have scientific, educational, organizational autonomy. Under University Regulations for the administration, the SARRF also have financial management and accounting autonomy.

The SARRF unifies  the skills of the previous structure of Departments (research) and Faculties (training ). 
The new units are responsible for conducting and coordinating research, training, transfer of skills and knowledge services. 

   Architecture and Design      CAMPUS: Ascoli Piceno


   Biosciences  and 

   Veterinary  Medicine           CAMPUSES: Camerino and Matelica


   Law                                   CAMPUS: Camerino


   Pharmacy                          CAMPUS: Camerino                                                                                                                                                                              

  Science and Technology       CAMPUSES: Camerino and Ascoli Piceno

School of Advanced Studies

Schools of Specialisation (in Italian)