Country Information

Eu member: constituent member
Total area:  301,338 km2
Population: 59,979,977
Currency: euro
In Schengen area :  October  26th, 1997

Italy is a parliamentary republic and it is a founder member of the European Community. Milan is located in Lombardia one of the 22 regions of Italy and it is independent on some political matters like health and safety, school, local taxes etc..The region is run by a Governer. The City Council is elected every four years is lead by a Major. We wish to underline that no laws, customs or regulations exist in our city and  country which would limit, restrict or interfere with the organization of the EUSA University Championship.Italy is fully compliant with both WADA and CIO regulations regarding doping and it is one of the most advanced country in fighting doping. In fact, our country has a criminal law ruling the illegal use of drugs in sports at all level including amatorials. We wish to underline that basically no restriction at all exists in visiting Italy unless for work purposes.The so called “Scheghen area” rules apply being Italy an EU member.Consequently, no restriction at all for EC citizen.Non-EC citizen can easily obtain a temporary visa up to 3 months for study, tourism and sport purposes under the relevant legislation and international treaties.Therefore, entry visas will be free of charge for the competitors, officials as wellas for all the accredited participants who will be on duty during the EUSA World University Championship To enter to Italy there are not vaccination measures required. Under special circumstances some limitations may be temporarily introduced for people coming from selected countries facing epidemics.However, the organising committee will do its best effort in order to facilitate entry to Italy for athletes, equipment, eusa family members and for any participant.